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Our probiotic solutions have a positive impact on the intestinal microbiota and intestinal morphology and therefore offer an efficient way to sustainably reduce the consumption of antibiotics.

With our probiotics MAXLAC and MABIOS, we can offer our customers various solutions tailored to their specific needs to support intestinal health.



Our new, patented reaction process enables the production of stable, highly bioavailable organic trace element compounds, which are protected against negative interactions in the digestive tract and guarantee an optimal nutrient supply for the animals.

The same technology offers a unique molecular activation of inorganic trace elements, which makes the product more reactive when it is ingested by animals and therefore represents a biologically effective alternative to conventional inorganic trace elements.



Our functional additives offer interesting alternatives and new approaches in the nutrition of farm animals.

With our proven products from solid state fermentation with mushrooms, we offer our customers an inexpensive way to sustainably increase feed efficiency.

In addition to their prebiotic properties, our particularly nutrient-rich products based on seaweed flour also have the ability to bind mycotoxins.



The MAXACID program offers liquid and granulated acid mixtures for a wide range of applications in animal nutrition, feed hygiene and grain preservation.

In addition to classic mixtures of organic acids, we also offer our customers tailor-made solutions that can be specifically tailored to their needs.