During weaning of young piglets, numerous changes take place in the gastrointestinal tract, making them more susceptible to digestive disorders.

In particular, post-weaning diarrhea is a common issue faced by pig farmers around the world. Changing legislation on the use of zinc oxide (ZnO) and antibiotics continues to increase demand for alternative feeding strategies to promote gut health.


In the article below as published in All About Feed, Benedikt Hein and Dr. Daniel Berghaus highlight several feeding strategies which aim at improving gut health in piglets. In this context, trial results of various feed additives with a positive influence on a healthy and active digestive system are presented. Among others, the addition of probiotics, SSF products as well as activated zinc oxide to piglet feed play a role. 

For example, the reduction of E. coli bacteria in rearing in connection with activated zinc oxide (MAXACTIVAT/Zn) were discussed. Additionally, the effects of the probiotics MAXBIOS and MAXLAC on the intestinal mucosa and the increased digestibility of proteins by MAXFERM/Pro. were considered.

Read the full article as published in the Gut Health Special of All About Feed (page 28-29) now to learn more about feeding strategies to increase gut health.