An energy deficit during the transition phase can cause major problems such as ketosis and milk fever in dairy production. As a result, the energy supplement DAIRYSTAR TMR INTAKE was developed to tackle this issue especially in hot climate regions containing a balanced combination of innovative additives and synergistic energy sources.


Two of PROVITA SUPPLEMENTS innovative feed additives, a highly available magnesium (MAXCHELAT/Mg) and a zinc-methionine source (MAXIONAT/Zn), have proven to be effective in feeding of transition dairy cows. MAXCHELAT/Mg stimulates neurological functions and supports the calcium metabolism, while MAXIONAT/Zn serves as a physiological donor securing energy metabolism. Propylene glycol supports gluconeogenesis and helps to prevent ketosis, while mono-propionate and slow-release sugar target on keeping the acidosis risk low. DAIRYSTAR TMR INTAKE will be supplied in powder form for easiest application into the daily diet of dairy cows.

If you are interested in DAIRYSTAR TMR INTAKE, please contact Benedikt Hein, Area Sales Manager, for more information.