The feeding of probiotics has gained in importance in recent years, not only because of the requirements to reduce the use of antibiotics. Also, due to their positive influence on the gut microbiome and animal health, they are an integral part of feeding strategies all over the world.   


As part of a global family-owned group of companies, we have access to a unique network of experts in the fields of research, development and production of feed additives.

In the field of microbiology, we work closely with Lactosan, a company belonging to the group. Lactosan is a leader in the development and production of products based on live lactic acid bacteria and probiotics. Especially in the development of fundamentally new product categories, Lactosan works consistently and on a long-term basis with national and international universities and technical schools.

The results of this work include our probiotic solutions MAXLAC and MAXBIOS. These can be adapted to a wide variety of needs and thus contribute to supporting intestinal health as well as sustainably reducing the consumption of antibiotics.

Here you can find more information about our products:


MAXBIOS for use in feed


MAXLAC DWEnterecoccus faecium – strain for use in drinking water 

MAXLAC PelletsEnterecoccus faecium – strain for use in feed 

MAXLAC MRCombination of Enterococcus faecium and Lactobacillus rhamnosus for milk replacer and whole milk

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