Maintaining and improving fertility is always a subject of concern when it comes to high-producing dairy cows. Fertility depends on many factors such as insemination management, lactation number or milk production only to name a few.

Another major parameter influencing fertility in cows is the sufficient supply with trace minerals, especially as cows have to conceive during a period of extremely high milk production. Supplementation of highly available sources of trace elements are a helpful tool to ensure sufficient supply. Our MAXCHELAT products (zinc, copper, manganese and iron bound to the amino acid glycine) have proven their superior bioavailability in numerous extensive trials.

During a field study with 60 cows, the superior bioavailability of MAXCHELAT translated into a reduction of the interval between calving and first day of pregnancy by 11 days and a lower insemination index (0.42 points improvement).

Dairy Cow Field Study

ø 34.5 kg milk, ø 165 DIM, ø 2.3 lactations, n=60 (Gut Huelsenberg, 2012)

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