With feed being the biggest cost point in pig production and feed raw material prices increasing steadily over the last few years, helping these animals extract as much protein from as little of these ingredients as possible has become a key cost-saving strategy.

Boosting the protein availability of various feed ingredients, therefore, has never been more important; especially in pig production as pigs, like other monogastric animals, have a hard time accessing the protein in feedstuffs due to their digestive system being unable to fully breakdown the complex structure of these ingredients.

This is where our fungal fermentation product, MAXFERM/PRO, can be a helpful tool for pig producers to address protein bioavailability in various feed stuffs and improve feed costs.

In the written interview, the team takes you on a deeper dive into the solid-state fermentation process behind the product, how it can help improve protein efficiency in production pigs, and the impact this can have on producer’s feed costs and sustainability initiatives.

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