Highest quality zinc and copper bis-lysinates


MAXLYSINAT products are copper and zinc chelates based on lysine complexes. They are manufactured with a patented dry production process that guarantees the highest quality chelate complexes with the best product properties and maximum stability. Two different trace mineral lysinates are available:

Unique chelate complex, based on the essential trace element copper and the amino acid lysine. For an optimized trace element supplementation combined with the positive effects of lysine on the metabolism of animals.


Unique chelate complex, based on the essential trace element zinc and the amino acid lysine. For an optimized trace element supplementation combined with the positive effects of lysine on the metabolism of animals.


Mode of action


MAXLYSINAT products offer a completely new approach to livestock and poultry nutrition supplementation. MAXLYSINAT products combine lysine with an essential trace mineral in a two-to-one chelated molecule. These products, which are exclusively distributed by PROVITA SUPPLEMENTS, are the first and only zinc and copper bis-lysinates that have been authorized as feed additives for all animal species in the European Union. They are produced through a patented process that involves a dry media reaction. As a completely new and innovative molecule, zinc bis-lysinate is listed in the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC 1048236).

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Copper is an essential nutrient for animal performance and health. It serves a number of important functions in animals, including immune system integrity and wound healing.

Zinc is an important part of more than 300 enzymes, making it crucial for almost all metabolic processes in the animal. It has positive effects on body and skeletal growth, regeneration of skin and hair, and on wound healing and immune function.

Lysine, an essential amino acid, plays a central role in protein synthesis and accretion. It is an active ligand that transports trace elements to where they are needed, so they can be fully used by the targeted tissue. It plays a central mediator role for trace elements, boosting their metabolic effect in animals and actively promoting growth and health. With copper and zinc bis-lysinate, PROVITA SUPPLEMENTS has successfully combined the positive effects of lysine on an animal’s metabolism with adapted trace mineral supplementation.

Trial results


In order to realize the full potential of modern swine genetics, it’s critical that pigs receive a targeted supply of essential nutrients. MAXLYSINAT precisely supplies targeted tissues with copper and zinc to establish a sound foundation for better growth and improved feed efficiency. Furthermore, MAXLYSINAT helps pigs reach their potential by supplying lysine, which is the first limiting amino acid in protein synthesis. Studies conducted at Berlin Free University on weanling piglets confirmed that the unique MAXLYSINAT bis-lysinates delivered significant advantages when compared to sulfates.

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Feedstuffs by themselves are often inadequate for meeting the trace mineral requirements of today’s poultry, so supplementation is typically necessary for peak production. In addition, an adequate supply of protein and amino acids, respectively, is essential for animal growth. MAXLYSINAT not only delivers the trace elements copper and zinc, it also provides lysine, which benefits metabolism and growth. Trials conducted by the research and development department of ISF investigated various performance parameters of broilers, and confirmed clear benefits of MAXLYSINAT when compared to sulfates.

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Rearing high-performing, healthy calves requires optimal nutrition, including a smart, state-of-the-art combination of trace minerals. Trace minerals by themselves are not readily available to the animal, however, MAXLYSINAT bis-lysinates ensure that trace minerals are delivered precisely where needed. Why lysine? Because it is the first limiting amino acid in calves, so it is integrated in protein metabolism with priority. This means copper and zinc are effectively delivered to growing muscles and connective tissues.

A two-stage trial with calves clearly showed the superior biological availability and optimized rearing results for MAXLYSINAT compared to copper/zinc sulfate and copper/ zinc sulfate + lysine.

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