Our participation at the BOKU Symposium 2023

Our Product Manager, Michelle Mehrens and the Research Associate (ISF), Dr. Daniel Berghaus attend the BOKU Symposium Animal Nutrition in Vienna today. The focus of this year’s BOKU Symposium is ‘feeding strategies in times of limited resources’.
Current research approaches are discussed to face the accelerating consequences of climate change and the possible contribution animal nutrition can provide in this regard. Furthermore, we take the opportunity to present recent test results on our feed additives MAXFERM/Pro and MAXFIBER, which focus on improving feed efficiency and gut integrity, thereby reducing methane emissions and nitrogen excretion in livestock.
Michelle Mehrens e1681810334295

Michelle Mehrens
Product Management

Daniel Berghaus e1681808278631

Dr. Daniel Berghaus
Research Associate (ISF)

If you are interested to learn more, download the posters as PDF here: